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WoodCentral Forums is designed for exceptional speed and user-friendliness while avoiding unnecessary feature additions. It harnesses the power of the latest PHP 8.2 scripting language on a LiteSpeed server, complemented by the Cloudflare CDN. Achieving a top one percent ranking in PageSpeed, the entire code adheres to W3C HTML5 and CSS3 standards.

In the traditional internet forum forum fashion, topics are organized into separate forums, presented chronologically. If you’re familiar with other forums, our setup will feel very intuitive. Logged-in users will notice flags denoting new content, along with links for active topics across all forums, unanswered topics, and topics in which they’ve participated.

Unlike many forums, we allow posting without necessitating an account. However, creating an account not only safeguards your username but also enhances the forum experience, offering simplicity, speed, and security.

Features include a toolbar for post formatting, full-screen editing, and displaying source code using BBcode. Users can upload images from their devices or embed them from external sites. Each post allows reaction emoticons, and logged-in users can edit or delete their posts within 60 minutes. Additionally, user profiles offer configuration options for various preferences. The forums boast a remarkable speed, with near-instantaneous page loads.


If you never posted on the old forums, you should register for an account. If you did post on the old forums, see Passphrase reset below.

A passphrase, as elaborated in the “About passphrases” section, refers to a lengthy password comprising a minimum of 16 characters, ideally consisting solely of letters and numbers, and must include at least one space.

After submitting, you will see the message

Thank you for registering. A letter with a link to activate your account was sent to the specified address. If it doesn't arrive you can contact the forum administrator at [email protected].

Follow the link in the email to activate your account.

Didn’t receive an email?

  1. An account with the name or email address you provided already exists on the system. See below on doing a Passphrase reset.
  2. You made a typo in the email address, or the email went to your spam folder.

Passphrase reset

Our previous forums lacked user accounts but had profiles, allowing users to secure a name with a password. We utilized these profiles, including usernames, passwords, and email addresses, to establish user accounts on this platform. However, the passwords were encrypted differently, rendering them incompatible with this system’s passphrase method. Additionally, many email addresses linked to profiles were outdated and not updated by users.

If you possessed a profile on the previous forums and the email address linked to it is still active, you can reset the passphrase by visiting the Login page and selecting the Forgotten link.

Enter the email address associated with your account. After submitting, you will see the message

If the email you specified is in the database, then an email will be sent to it with instructions on how to change the passphrase. If it does not arrive you can contact the forum administrator at [email protected].

Follow the link in the email to reset your password.

Didn’t receive an email?

  1. The email address you provided is not in the system. The accounts transferred from the old forums often had very old email addresses associated with them, and you will only receive an email if the email you provide matches that transferred from the old forums. If this is the case, you cannot activate your account unless you use that old email address. If you no longer have access to that email address, you must contact us so we can update your account will a current email address.
  2. You made a typo in the email address, or the email went to your spam folder.

CONTACT US if you do not receive an email. Provide your user name and current email address and any old ones you recall using over the years.

About passphrases

A passphrase is a long password meeting the following conditions:

  1. At least 16 characters
  2. Only letters and numbers
  3. Contains at least one space


  • How much wood would a woodchuck chuck
  • My browser fills in this long password for me
  • 12345678 12345678
  • taylor swift taylor swift taylor swift

Profile settings

After logging in, select your username from the menu. Location will vary depending on screen size.

Select the Edit and Configure buttons to change profile settings.


When logged in, the forum displays different icons signaling fresh content. For instance, selecting the icon adjacent to “Woodworking” reveals solely new topics within that category. Positioned on the right, “LED Shop Lights” denotes the latest updated topic, and clicking leads directly to the most recent response within.

As mentioned earlier, clicking the icon beside “Woodworking” will exclusively display topics containing unread content. Hovering over the icons will provide explanations of their functions.

For the quickest and suggested method of scanning for fresh content across all forums, clicking “Latest active topics” reveals the latest activity across the board. Icons denote unread content.

Note that the location of the “Latest active topics” link may vary depending on screen size. For example, on large screens, links displayed near the top of the page are displayed in a column on the right side, and on small screen (phones, etc.) they may be listed under a clickable “hamburger” menu icon.

A dot before a topic indicates a topic in which you have posted. A check indicates one of the replies has been selected as a “solution” to the topic by a moderator.

A navigation feature called “breadcrumb” is situated at both the top and bottom of each page. It presents, sequentially, an icon leading back to the forum’s home index page, the current forum’s name, and the topic you’re currently viewing. The [ # ] option directs you back to the list of topics within the forum, akin to using the BACK function of your browser.

To reply to any user listed, simply click the @ symbol preceding their name. This action will redirect you to the reply form with the user’s name pre-filled, which proves particularly handy in lengthy topics with numerous replies when addressing specific individuals.

Furthermore, clicking on a user’s name unveils a page detailing information about them, including a link enabling you to send them a private message.

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