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WoodCentral comprises several software applications, each featuring individual search capabilities. The Search page facilitates the process of searching across these software applications in addition to Bing, Google, YouTube, and various other woodworking-related sites.

Simply input a search term, and a menu will emerge, enabling you to search for that term across the various applications.

The search operates like finding a specific piece within a larger body of text, where a match occurs if the sought term matches a complete word or if it’s part of another word. Therefore, it’s advisable to seek singular forms of words, as searching for “tool” will encompass “tools”, but the reverse isn’t true. Additionally, explore alternative spellings, such as “furniture maker” written as one word, two words, or hyphenated.

Additionally, previously entered search terms that yielded results within the Articles, Glossary, and Links pages are presented as clickable options.

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Musical Instrument Maker's Forum