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It is not just about wood, but about the people who shape it, and the stories they share along the way.

  1. Wood related

    1. Woodworking

      Dive into the heart of woodworking discussions here. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned pro, share tips, techniques, and projects. From choosing the right lumber to mastering joinery, this forum is your go-to destination for all things woodworking.

      28,443 Topics · 241,598 Posts
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    2. Hand tools

      Embrace the craftsmanship of woodworking with a focus on hand tools. Explore the timeless art of using chisels, planes, saws, and more to create finely crafted pieces. Share your favorite tools, techniques, and troubleshoot challenges with fellow enthusiasts who appreciate the tactile connection to the wood.

      17,348 Topics · 185,272 Posts
      Last post in the topic "Anti-Vibration Gloves" by Bill Howatt 2024-05-25 09:41:52
    3. Turning

      Discover the mesmerizing world of woodturning where raw timber transforms into exquisite works of art. Whether you're a spindle aficionado or passionate about bowl turning, this forum is your hub for sharing turning tips, showcasing your latest creations, and discussing all things related to the lathe.

      35,064 Topics · 293,536 Posts
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    4. Beginners

      Embark on your woodworking journey with support and guidance from our community of beginners and seasoned mentors alike. Whether you're taking your first steps in woodworking or seeking advice on foundational techniques, this forum provides a welcoming space to ask questions, share successes and setbacks, and gain confidence in your craft. From understanding basic tool usage to tackling initial projects, let's build a solid foundation together as you discover the joy of woodworking.

      16 Topics · 78 Posts
      Last post in the topic "Table saw problems" by TomD 2024-05-21 02:05:48
    5. Metallurgy, toolmaking, and heat treatment

      Delve into the fascinating world of metallurgy where the science of metals meets the art of craftsmanship. From understanding metal properties to exploring alloy compositions and heat treatments, this forum is your gateway to unraveling the mysteries of metalworking.

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      David Weaver
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      Last post in the topic "Best saw blade" by David Weaver 2024-04-25 15:30:37
    6. Shop Shots

      This is the place to share views of your shop, woodworking tips and methods, mug shots, special tools or machines, finished work--you name it! Include a paragraph or two explaining the photo(s). Legacy Shop Shots ▸

      1 Topic · 1 Post
      Last post in the topic "About Shop Shots" by admin 2024-04-25 18:42:07
    7. Reviews

      Make informed decisions about woodworking tools, equipment, and materials with insights from our community's firsthand experiences. From power tools to finishing products, share your honest reviews and seek recommendations from others to ensure your workshop is equipped with the best gear for your projects. Legacy reviews ▸

      6 Topics · 47 Posts
      Last post in the topic "Give Woodworkers Guild of America a try for a whole year for only $3.49" by admin Today 00:08:10
    8. Link to: Classifieds

      More than just a typical forum, this is a pioneering initiative within the woodworking community. It serves as a comprehensive platform for the purchase and sale of all things wood-related. No sign-up necessary, simply upload photos, explore listings by location, and enjoy all the features of a personalized classified ad platform.

  2. Other

    1. Open topic

      Engage in lively discussions about woodworking adjacent topics or simply connect with fellow woodworkers on a more casual level. From sharing woodworking-related stories to discussing industry trends and inspirations, this forum welcomes diverse conversations beyond the workbench. Unsure about where to make your post? POST HERE and we'll relocate it to the suitable board. Upon your return, navigate to LATEST ACTIVE TOPICS to find your post. No need for registration.

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      Peter Martin
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      Last post in the topic "Having fun with artificial intelligence" by admin 2024-05-28 12:08:01
    2. Announcements and feedback

      Things related to the operation of the forum and website. You can also contact us privately via email.

      48 Topics · 141 Posts
      Last post in the topic "Ask Woody" by Peter Martin Yesterday 12:13:02
    3. Trivia

      An eclectic forum with daily questions to test your knowledge and have a bit of fun.

      1,854 Topics · 14,870 Posts
      Last post in the topic "Is anyone interested in moderating the Trivia section?" by admin 2024-05-24 12:54:17

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