Re: Calibration of online photos

Chuck Bjorgen
Couple of reasons I raised this question, Bill. First, I noticed in the For Sale section of another woodworking forum that a responder complained that he could not see any detail in photos of a Stanley plane that was being offered. The seller redid the photos (in my opinion too light) but at least detail could be seen. That told me that the seller’s monitor was set too light by the 99% of the standards you suggested are okay. I’m a Mac and iPad/iPhone user. Apple has a standard procedure for calibrating a Macintosh monitor—Google the term. There is no procedure for Apple tablets and phones. Frankly I had not calibrated my Mac monitor since it’s purchase but will do so now.

The second reason is that for well over six months several foreign users, probably Russians, have literally taken over this Photography forum with an ongoing conversation about who knows what? There was also a recent porn link published. Ellis knows about this and suggested a discussion on a photography topic might help dispel some of this bs so here we go.

So there you go. Trying to stimulate a conversation.

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