Re: Mark, I would have the same ........

Joe Fleming
I had the old Eurotherm drive in my Stubby 750. I crapped out a couple of years ago and I ended up buying a Toshiba based upon the recommendation from the sales guy. I was shopping for an Eaton at the time. They were most helpful in helping my program the device, wire it, etc.

For fine tuning, I contacted Toshiba support in Texas somewhere, and they got the beast singing in no time.

I Had contacted Rod at Omega Manufacturing in Australia. He will sell you a plug-n-play controller with installation instructions, pre-programmed, but the price tag was north of $1,200 if I recall correctly. The Toshiba, when all said and done was around $350 for the VFD plug miscellaneous parts. I don't have the Hamster, but the simple Bill-retrofit control box. I rewired it, replaced one switch, and I'm good.

Since the Eurotherm was embedded in the belly of the lathe, I rigged a mounting box near the lathe for the new VFD. I an read the speed on the panel easily. I also rigged up a tachometer so I could compare motor speed to spindle speed. Totally unnecessary, but I like the extra lights. :)

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