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John K Jordan
>>> ...a bad soldered or internal connection on some component that got flexed a bit and fixed it, at least for now.

Or either, intermittent with changes in the ambient temperature (or even humidity).

I always start by reseating all connectors, adding a thin smear of dielectric grease.

Let's hope it's not an internal component connection. Occasionally, but more rarely these days, a chip or component is mounted in a socket and can be reseated.

I've fixed a lot of things over the years that had bad (usually "cold") solder joints, once the control boards on two automobile air conditioners in the same day! Finding them is the fun. Sometimes suspected solder joints can seen, maybe with a magnifier, sometimes isolated with cold spray or gentle spot heat, always fixed by remelting the solder. Bad component can be far more work or impractical.

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