VFD for PM3520A

jake Niedling
I'd appreciate some input on the issue I've been having with my PM3520. The VFD is faulting on over Current. If I reset it, I have been able to get it to run. Well today, it will fault over current everytime, I increase the speed. If I keep it around 300 rpm, it will run until I turn up the speed. After I reset the fault and leave the stop button in the stop position, the VFD will display the output of the speed control dial. It is working just fine. The spindle and motor turns easily, so there doesn't seem to be an excessive load on the motor. I also opened the VFD and the control buttons and blew out all the dust. Just once, I was able this morning to reset the fault and it ran up to normal speed. Once I stopped, it would fault when I tried it again. Also check the wiring for loose connections, everything seem tight. So is it time for a new VFD or could their be a motor issue? Appreciate your advice.

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