UPDATE 7/24/21
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Tee latest info from his wife posted on her facebook page --

"Bill continues on a downhill slide. We have specified that there be no escalation of care at this point. Bill is completely in God’s hands.
While I know that God is able to miraculously heal Bill, I also know that God oftentimes works through those on earth. His prognosis, even if he gets off the ventilator, will be an extended period of rehab and most likely permanent disability. Contrast that with being in eternity with God.
I’ve found that prayer changes my desires to be in line with God’s will. I started out fervently praying for Bill’s healing and I’m now to the point where I’m resting in God’s will for Bill’s life and for mine. Would I still be happy if he came out of this happy and whole? You bet! But at the same time I’m depending on God to lead me safely down what looks a very dark path.
I still depend on your prayers, love and support."

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