Re: that worked well, Craig

Craig Daymon
That's a fantastic looking sphere there Gary.

Keep in mind that all wood was filled with a good bit of water at one point.

Also, you may be able to pick up powdered tannin at the grocery store. It is used in the canning process. (Don't ask me how.) But to apply it, you will have to mix it with something. Maybe alcohol? (Certainly dry faster.)

Or you can stick with those woods known to have high tannin. The Oaks. Not sure if red or white has more. I like white oak better because I think it's cool that it is waterproof (sort of). If you can find it, American Chestnut. And, I guess, any other Chestnut. (I was very lucky to get a chunk of American Chestnut from the stock of Palmer Sharpless after he passed and fumed it with very good results. Sadly, my skill at turning at the time did not give the resulting bowl as much dignity as it deserved.) Probably plenty that have some content, like the Masur Birch. Could just be a matter of giving it more time in the cooler. (Though if it starts asking for a baseball glove and ball, you may have to watch for a possible escape :-) <- Movie reference.)

I'm thinking if I had left that box in for a week, the whole thing would be a pretty deep brown now.

Anyway, I'll be interested to see what you come up with.

Do really like that sphere. I have one of my own on the lathe now. Plain maple.

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