Re: Wiping Oil Finish for Large Bowls? *LINK*

David Walser
Don -- I've not replied to your question because I don't have a recommendation for a product to replace your old favorite. However, since this discussion has evolved into a general discussion of which finishes to use on bowls, I will chime in. For utility bowls, I prefer walnut oil. It is easy to apply, fairly durable, looks nice, and, most importantly in this context, easy for the user to renew.

Film finishes, like any of the polys, are harder than walnut oil. So, they are in that sense more durable. However, on a bowl that is used frequently, film finishes will quickly become scratched up and will need renewing -- which is far harder to do. For this reason, I limit their use to decorative items. My favorite film finish is Deft brushing lacquer. It is easy to apply on the lathe. I can easily apply three coats in less than an hour. (The finish will not have fully cured, but it has hardened sufficiently that additional coats may be applied.)

For more information on which finishes to use and how to apply them, I still thing Russ Fairfield's articles are a great resource. Unfortunately, Russ isn't updating his articles anymore and the information may be a bit dated. However, the fundamentals he expounds are still valuable. I highly recommend reading them.

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