Wiping Oil Finish for Large Bowls?

Don Stephan
The only size bowl people ask for is a 15" or 16" salad mixing bowl for wedding presents. My ideal finish product, P&L 38 alkyd varnish, was discontinued a year or more ago and I am almost out of my remaining quart. Mixed 50-50 with mineral spirits, it was an excellent wiping varnish, slow enough drying that I would wipe on the entire surface of these large bowls, wipe off the excess, and place on a nail board without smudges. And it dried fast enough that I could wipe on 3 coats in a day.

I have been trying to use Minwax Fast Dry Poly, and I wasn't having problems last winter when the inside temp would be 66 deg F. Now, the inside temp even first thing in the morning is in the 70's and the finish is flashing off so fast it is hard to avoid smudges.

Has anyone foun a wipe on oil finish for larger bowls, or a product they mix 50-50 with mineral spirits to make a wipe on finish? I'm really tired of trying different products unsuccessfully.


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