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If you cannot or do not want to work on the electronic. Most any motor shop will have someone that could come and make a good diagnosis for a hundred dollars or so and for about half that if you bring the lathe to their shop.

In the 1990s a DC setup was the best way to build a variable speed lathe but times have changed for less money than repairing the old DC setup it may be possible to get a new AC motor and drive unit.

If I wanted to load the motor I would on a working lathe turn a cylinder with a grove in slightly wider than an old leather belt. Then put the cylinder on the other lathe attach the belt to the back of the lathe at point F1 lay the belt over the cylinder in the grove and hang a weigh from the end of the belt at F2 so they would drag on the wood and make the motor work harder when turning. Then use a volt meter to measure the voltage going to the motor.


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