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The old line is just one tool short of greatness.

Let’s talk about how you are using the tool you have before buying another.

As wood turners we always want as little tool hanging over the tool rest as possible. The bent hollowing tool is the same but we need to understand where we can and can’t put the tool rest.
If a hollowing tool is made, sharpened and adjusted well the cutting tip will be on the same line as the center of the tool handle (See the photo with the red line). You must position the tool rest under some part of the shaft that is on this line.

It is all too easy to move the tool rest closer now the tool rest is not on the center line and when the tip contacts the wool it putts a twisting force into the tool you must overcome to get a controlled cut (see the photo with the blue line).

Also in most cases after you are more than a few inches away from the opening the bend is no longer necessary and you can switch to the straight tool.


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