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David Walser
My son is a mechanical engineer. He specializes in welding dissimilar metals -- brass to titanium to aluminum, for example. A couple of years ago, the firm he was with had a contract to weld up blanks that another firm would then machine into parts for a rocket motor. My son wanted to do some destructive testing of some of the first blanks off the line to ensure that the welds were solid.

To do the testing, the firm bought an hydraulic press from Harbor Freight (it might have the 20 ton floor model, but it was red, which means it might have been the 50-ton). The machine only lasted 3 parts before it broke -- the frame twisted so badly that it couldn't be used. According to the gauge, none of the three tests exceeded the press's rating. Fortunately, my son had seen what he needed to see and they didn't need to do any additional destructive testing on that batch of parts. However, the firm did buy a better-made press to replace the Harbor Freight unit for future needs.

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