Re: Seeing inside a hollow form

Ric Taylor
I do a lot of hollow turning and I use a TV camera system. A TV camera on the inside of a turning won't do you any good. It will only see the surface of the inside, it will not tell you how thick the wall is.

Using the TV camera systems, the camera works in a way that is very similar to the laser systems but it is much more accurate than the laser systems. The camera is mounted above and to the side of the hollow form just like a laser would be. As John Lucas mentioned, it is important to use a camera that will magnify the image on the screen. Some people try to use an automobile back-up camera, but the image on the small screen is too small for really fine control. With my system I get a smooth surface on the inside of the hollow form that almost never requires any sanding, and it is accurate enough that I can go down to a 1/16" wall thickness if I want to. I don't usually go that far, but sometimes I want to make a featherweight piece that surprises people when they pick it up.

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