Re: Seeing inside a hollow form

John K Jordan
It may be difficult to pump enough light through a fiber optic to suit you with a typical inexpensive light source. I've got some fiber that would do it but the diameter is relatively large and it's not too flexible. Probably better to use wires and insert one or more of the super bright white LEDs available now, much cooler than even a tiny bright incandescent bulb.

But what do you really want to do,
- watch progress through the wood as in the photos Gary posted,
- examine the inside walls,
- watch the tool tip while turning?
Or something else?
If you simply want to gauge the wall thickness to know when to stop there are lots of options.

Will the opening be very tiny or relatively wide?

But do you want to examine the inside walls or watch while turning? A tiny camera could let you see the inside of a form with even a tiny opening. I've had a borescope (boroscope) for many years I use to look into tight places - it has a tiny camera and light on the end of a flexible shaft and a hand-held video monitor. (Mine came with two sizes of flex shafts, one with a bigger camera. A little mirror clips on the front to let you inspect very narrow spaces.) Mine was about $300 but a variety of types can be found so cheap now they are almost free. Look on Amazon, for example.

If you want to actually peer inside while turning, a small opening, a large tool, and/or the inside shape could limit what you can see. Not to mention the sawdust and shavings flying. The xray vision might be better, but what happens if you have kryptonite in the shop?


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