Bud vase, cocobolo, with boo-boo! *PIC*

John K Jordan
My first turning in a couple of months, following a bud vase demo by the Amazing Jake at the Knoxville club in January. (Jake even passed out glass tubes for the inserts!) I made this to take to the meeting tonight.

Cocobolo, old cocobolo. With a glass tube insert to hold water.

(Yeah, I know, the flowers are too big for that little vase. I takes what I can gets :))

I picked a very old block of cocobolo for this, just barely big enough to let the tube fit. Cocobolo turns black from the outside in with time, due to, I suspect, oxidation. The black on the bottom was cut off when I removed the tenon but it's evident on the top and a bit on the largest diameter nearest the sides of the block.

This little vessel also had a boo-boo, self inflicted. There was barely enough height for the tube to fit, so I thought. When I parted it off the tenon I discovered the tip of the drill bit went through the bottom! I reamed the smaller hole to make a 1/2" hole with sides tapering the the "proper" way, cut a plug from what was left of the tenon, and glued it into place. The figure was a fair match If you hold it just right in the light you can barely see the very thin perfect circle of a glue line.


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