Hunter bottom feeder. *PIC*

john lucas
OK it's really named the #4 or straight tool but it's unsurpassed for cleaning up the bottom of steep sided bowls, boxes and to get under lips on bowls. Here I used it to turn the bottom of this Calabash shaped bowl. The reason it beats out other bottom feeders is simply the cupped carbide cutter. First of all it stays sharp for a very very very long time. Second it has an outside bevel of 82 degrees so it will reach into really narrow openings for boxes and still rub the bevel. 3rd, it has a 60 degree cutting edge. Most bottom feeders that will reach into a bowl like this need an edge of at least 70 degrees or even more blunt so the cut is simply not as clean. Here are some shots showing turning the inside and the finish achieved. When I was sanding the inside of this bowl I didn't touch the bottom until I got to 400 grit. That's what it took to get the sides to match the bottom. https://huntertoolsystems.com/straight-tool-new/

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