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John K Jordan
>>>...have there been no postings for the last few days? Or, did I do something horribly wrong to have had my admitedly infrequent participation punished. I’m curious. I often check in here to see what’s being discussed and only respond if I have something to add.
Hoping everyone just has more to do than peck at a keyboard.

Jeff, no posts that I've seen since 2/9. I check here every day when I'm in town.

I can't answer for others, but I personally have been so overbooked I've done no turning since mid Dec. I even missed the TAW this year!

Well, I did finally break loose and turn something this past weekend! Both clubs I attend encourage making something based on the demo that month. The Knoxville meeting is tonight so I made something to take. Then I must have been on a roll so I made something else to take to the Crossville club meeting next week. Yikes, I must be on a roll!

I'll try to get some photos soon and post.


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It is true... *PIC*
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