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John K Jordan
>>>If one has the bandsaw to handle it (mine is a 20" vintage Delta) the blades that saw shops weld up for Woodmiser saws can't be beat. As expected, the design breezes through wet or dry wood. They don't leave the most finish cut but I resaw with them for their speed.

You state the obvious.

But few woodturners have a shop bandsaw capable of tensioning or even mounting a typical 1.25"x.045" Woodmizer blade. Or access to a bandsaw mill. My classes are intended for those who don't.

The Woodmizer is my goto saw when I have big diameters, long logs, or a large quantity.

These are just a few blanks from some quality time at the sawmill with large chunks from a 36+" diameter maple tree, much of it ambrosia. Some woodturners drool over such stacks.

I rig a means to hold short blocks since the mill is not designed for that. Very fast and quite safe.

Your point on using the chain saw first is a good one. I do, of course, discuss that in the session and show examples. One thing to consider, though - not every woodturner has a chainsaw.


PS. I have blades for all my bandsaws made to order from Lennox stock at a local industrial bandsaw blade shop in Knoxville, sometimes while I wait. And usually for less than most suppliers.

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