blades and log splitting

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
If one has the bandsaw to handle it (mine is a 20" vintage Delta) the blades that saw shops weld up for Woodmiser saws can't be beat. As expected, the design breezes through wet or dry wood. They don't leave the most finish cut but I resaw with them for their speed. I get mine made at Misenheimer, Morristown.

The biggest danger on a band saw comes from sawing that which does not have a solid registration on the table-round log sections for example. When the final result enables it the quickest way to get a flat surface from a log is to split it down the center with a chain saw. A chisel tooth chain works much faster than the "safety" chain small saws come with now days. Get chisel tooth chains at any saw shop catering to loggers. Hold the saw as low on the log as practical- bar 30 or 45 degrees to the log- for fastest sawing. 90 degrees to the log where the saw is cutting all end grain is both slow and hard on the saw. We split logs too large for the saw mill this way. It was practical to split 12' by 40" logs this way, for example.

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