Bandsaw classes - green wood to useful blanks *PIC*

John K Jordan
i'm about to do my 6th bandsaw class in my shop.

From the synopsis:
I will show various methods of how to work without getting hurt and how to dry blanks successfully. It will be more useful if you have a bandsaw (or plan to get one) capable of sawing 12" or thicker. We'll have some discussion of setting up the bandsaw and what blades work well for wet wood.
This will be demonstration and instruction only, no hands-on.

These classes have been far more popular than what I imagined. I show five different ways to cut up green log sections and oddly shaped chunks with an emphasis on safely, describing how things can go wrong in a heartbeat and how to make sure that never happens.

Discussion includes bandsaw setup, alignment, guides, tension, type of blade, sharpening blades, dust collection, and miscellaneous useful and necessary tools and accessories. We go into basic wood anatomy, how wood shrinks when it dries, inspecting logs and planning the cuts, how to air dry and prevent checks and cracks, and various ways to test for dryness. What I teach is based on my reading and experience over the last couple of decades in prepping and drying thousands of turning blanks. (You might guess I prefer to turn dry wood!)

Since one incentive for hosting this is to get people to cut and bring blanks to our annual club wood auction (I'm the auctioneer) I also show how to make a blank more attractive and perhaps more valuable to a prospective buyer. We occasionally have a lively bidding war!. The auction brought in over $1800 last year which helps with club programs including community educational and charity programs. And since some people don't know how or are unable to get good wood the auction puts useful turning blanks in their hands.

Good clean fun!

If your club doesn't have a wood auction (in addition to a wood raffle) it might be something to consider.

BTW, this is not a hands-on event with only me touching the bandsaw so the likelihood of injury is small. I and the club, however, are covered by the insurance policy that AAW offers to chapters for mentoring sessions. If your club doesn't get this inexpensive insurance it might be something else to consider!

From the last class:


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