Re: nothing magic about lightning

John K Jordan
>>>...lightning struck a large poplar tree in a neighbor's back yard and exploded that tree which was probably 16" in diameter to the point where about all that was left were blanks for pens and toothpicks...The tree was practically exploded all the way to the ground.

I've seen some variations of that on my own property. Who can predict lightning!! I've seen trees exploded like that and others the only apparent damage was bark blown off a narrow strop.

One 24' poplar about 15' from the lane was hit just as my son was next to it.
(He said it was loud and bright!) The bark was blown off about 1/4 of the way around. The tree has been slowly sealing the wound. Another large one had at least 1/2 the bark stripped off - it shows evidence now of decay deep inside the tree. Who knows what damage is deep in the heartwood. I expect both of these will need to come down some day and I can take a look.

Some people claim a lightning strike ruins all the wood in the tree but perhaps that's their experience with a limited number of trees.


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