Lightning struck

John K Jordan
>>>Poplar struck by lightning. Sometimes will have cobalt blue. I have a nice piece from Rude Osolnik that still has some of the purple tint, but mostly gone.

That's an interesting possibility. One 5' log had a perfectly straight deep, tight crack down one side, maybe 4" deep. The wood in and around the crack was jet black and the wood nearest to the crack had the most color. The bark was not blown off part of the outside like several huge lighting-struck poplar trees here but who knows what all lightning will do.

I cut some more blanks yesterday and some have incredible figure. Maybe a hint of that will survive a while. That piece from Rude has been around for a while!

I met Rude just once around 1968 but didn't know who he was until later. He was in the woodcrafts building at Berea college, turning some cherry handles for a special order casket. I barely knew what a lathe was then but I was fascinated.


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