More Woodturning Magazine Closing

Dennis Daudelin
As many of you may have heard, I will be closing down More Woodturning Magazine this year, with the last edition on April 1st.

I'd like to clarify a topic that has surfaced on various forums. While it is true that we will be offering access to all 247 past editions of the magazine in pdf format when we close on April 1st, this access is only available to subscribers who are current and paid up on April 1st. Subscriptions are still available at this time, but we will be closing the subscription page on January 31st.

I'd like to thank all of you on this forum for your continued support of me, More Woodturning Magazine, and Woodturning Online over the seventeen years I have been involved in these endeavors. I look forward to more time in the woodshop and more time traveling this beautiful country in our motorhome as I fully retire.

Dennis Daudelin

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