spalted maple bowl with painted rim *PIC*

john lucas
This one was a challenge. I had a badly spalted piece that normally I would throw away. but I decided it was time to test myself. I used an extremely sharp 40/40 gouge for the first 4 inches. Then I could not rub the bevel so I changed to my normal Ellsworth grind that has a 55 degree nose angle. I turned another couple of inches with that. I could have finished with that gouge but wanted to use the Hunter #4 to finish up. It cuts very clean but mostly I wanted the photo to show how good this tool is for doing steep sided bowls. You will notice in the photo that the Hunter tool is almost straight out. That makes it much better than your bottoming gouges because not only can you get into steep sided bowls but it has a sharpeness angle of 60 degrees which is sharper than most bottom feeder gouges. Here are the photos. The bark was missing already so I cleaned off the rest and then painted the edge using sponge painting techniques.

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spalted maple bowl with painted rim *PIC*
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