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David Walser
Don -- For stabilizing, most people use a vacuum chamber. You could use the HF paint pot for this purpose, but you'd most likely need to make a new lid for it. As air is drawn out of the blank, the bubbles rising through the Cactus Juice can cause foaming -- which could allow the vacuum hose to draw Cactus Juice into the vacuum pump. To avoid that, most vacuum chambers allow you to see inside so you can release small amounts of vacuum to prevent a boil-over. So, you could use the HF paint pot as a vacuum pot and either ignore the possibility of a boil-over or rig a clear lid to allow you to see inside.

Note: You don't have to use vacuum to stabilize. There is a YouTuber who experimented with using a hydraulic cylinder to force Cactus Juice into blanks under pressure. It seemed to work well. However, the amount of pressure used was significantly greater than the rating of the HF paint pot.

A lot of people use the HF paint pot as a pressure pot for resin casting.

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