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You have several possibilities that may be causing this issue, a dull tool or not presenting the cutting edge of the tool at the correct angle would be the most obvious cause. A really hard piece of wood can cause issues which requires a solution like Doc Green mentions above use a different tool and a different speed to allow the tool to cut the wood. You could possibly have a rounded out soft spot of wood on the live center of the tail stock end allowing the piece to wobble between centers, this can also happen on the headstock spur drive end if the spur drive eats away the wood and does not provide a solidly driven point of contact, the pressure from the tail stock is the only force holding the wood billet on the spur drive and it slips when the cutting tool tries to cut the hard wood. As mention above a solidly held wood billet in a chuck will provide a solid support for the billet making it easier for the tools to do their work. Another possibility is a bearing failure on the drive spindle, you would need to check the run out on the drive spindle or visually inspect the bearings and spindle assembly for slop. Maybe you have a piece of petrified wood mounted between your centers.

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