Re: tool/work piece vibrations

Doug Dubowski
The head of the mallet is at the drive end of the lathe, but the piece is only 14" long and not thin in any way any where on the piece. I am using a steb center at the drive end and a live center at the tail stock. Wood is kiln dried maple, straight grained with very minor imperfections. Seems to occur with a number of tools. This time around, a spindle gouge and skew created the issue. With the spindle gouge, I was refining a bead and as I approached the end of the bead, the skew started to chatter, and sure enough, I had these ruts, but oriented in radial pattern on the vertical face of the bead. It happened at least twice with the spindle gouge on different parts of the piece.

I have had this issue before and have tried a different speed to move away from a tool or piece resonance. You mentioned pressure - too much or too little on the tool?

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

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