Re: Working on my photography

John Jordan
Way too much photoshop. John's right about the background if for no other reason than publications, magazines show invitations etc prefer similar backgrounds to put together articles, advertising etc. and the white/grey to black is best for that. The basic image you have is good, but the images seem to be floating in space with an odd colored background. Ideally all you should need to do is sometimes adjust contrast, crop so all your images fill the frame with some room around the piece. Vertical format is best for most purposes. Also rotate the bowl so it is level, and put the details in their own photos. A singular piece is much better. Try to shoot as if you don't have a digital image editor, then use it to do minor adjustment.

John Lucas will send you a good article and lots of info if you ask. He may have already offered that to you.

This is from a veteran of the cutthroat jury process of the high end craft shows where images are everything, and more recently as a fairly regular juror that has seen the best and worst.


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