Monday's not so Grand Challenge

Gary Smyth
>If done well this is probably my second preference in wood furniture. The type I'm searching for was developed in the 17th and 18th centuries but visual traces can be found earlier and later. It is international as it has been developed and amended all over the planet. Its feature is its design. For U.S. Easterners mostly these days’ originals are very much in vogue. The furniture is practical but good design is good design and many appreciate good examples for its look alone. Bauhaus attempted his vision of it and did "improve" it for some people. Not better exactly but different. The problem for today's woodworker is that the proper wood aside, select components and accessories are difficult if not impossible to find. To do it poorly looks ridiculous and to do them well, well, takes money and skill. Accuracy in production is important. This is not the typical weekend bash to make this stuff as it is time consuming and deceptively complex. There is an elegance that is unmistakable but it was not meant for looking. What furniture am I writing about?

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