Monday answer

Gary Smyth
>Bill and Verne were the BIG winners. The name is Thomas Canada Molesworth (1890 - 1977). Probably someone you never heard of but have seen hundreds of times. The Shoshone Furniture Company is the company he started. A short introduction can be found at:

If you care to Google his name other sources will come to light. A good book around Borders or Waldon’s is: Cowboy High Style by Elizabeth Clair Flood.

The vaguely hidden names in my description for his commissions were for Moses Annenberg, Coca Cola’s Bob Woodruff, and Standard Oil’s “Mr. Rockefeller”. Molesworth loved the wealthy and respected and deferred to them by wealth. He often stayed at their various “cabins” and lodges as a guest of these rich families and to them was excellent company. On the other hand he wouldn’t stoop to even meet with the casual buyer in his factor and had a "screener" to deflect the rif raf.

Today with the Western themed homes like those of the currently fashionable ski destinations like Jackson Hole and Aspen, the homes of Arizona and Texas, and even the east’s Adirondack “get-a-ways”, chairs that were literally dumped (I’ve seen a couch sitting weather exposed for years on a open porch and an original leather cushion used on a dock as a fishing seat) as late as the 1980’s are fetching $7,000, and a couch is easily in the $20,000 range. Chimayo weavings, peeled burl wood, and silhouette lampshades along with furniture are in great demand. Thomas Molesworth who’d a guessed? I always thought of his work as a joke.

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