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Keith Newton
>I was thinking it was a big gunny-sack of walnuts with the husk repeadedly slamed against concrete. I have no first-hand knowledge of the though.

I don't think that oak would do it. If I were going to try another, it would be Herculese- Club. Also known as toothache-tree or tingle-tongue. Our ancestors used it to numb their last hurting tooth by mushing up a couple of leaves and holding it against the painful spot with their tongue, which would also be numbed.

There is a line of them in a fence-row along a path where I ride my bike. All 6 of them died all at once about 2 years ago. There are a few others about five miles upstream that appear to be following suite. This is not a good sign I don't think. I have wondered if researchers have studied this tree as of late.

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