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You just did the same thing, there were 4 claims, which one are you disputing? It suits you to jump on them, but what is your actual point? Adding an ad hominem attack would not seem to be moving in the direction of the moderate behavior you prefer.

My only point was that bioweapons have been used in the recent past, as well as chemical weapons. Is that actually in question?

The other thing to consider is what would a bioweapon use look like? It isn't all going to look like a Bond villain with a finger on the button, there are lots of degrees of escalation, as in anything else. One would hope that military planers have considered a range of options that would allow their countries to profit from everything from normal seasonal outbreaks on up. There are lot of steps on the way to some kind of ridiculous suicide attack. But then my mom would say "nobody would do that, it isn't nice".

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