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David Weaver
here's what I saw in this. I didn't like the reporting and reasoning - it's all over the place further down this board. The FDA more or less didn't like what I didn't like. That was reassuring to me because it suggests that the 18 you're talking about and their supporting staff are following a regulatory process and not making emotional decisions or just going with their gut.

It appears the CDC ends up going through the same process (But their area of responsibility is probably different and not just "pfizer's approval", but the overall strategy).

In the end the FDA scientists found no good reason to give a third pfizer shot (Based on what pfizer provided) to the open population but found reason to give the shot to the vulnerable (Water under the bridge) as well as the older population (this doesn't seem unreasonable to me - I don't know what data they used, but it's interesting that they ended up giving the green light for a group of people that pfizer didn't include in their safety data. My opinion is that pfizer did that on purpose to keep the side effect profile down, but everyone needs to remember that pfizer's biggest legal obligation is to their shareholders.)

Then, things go to the CDC, and I haven't read but am supposing it's this: vulnerable and maybe also older individuals are given the greenlight by policy for the booster (but it doesn't sound like anything happens if an individual decides they want to get boosted, either, and when I went for my pfizer shot, my used to be lots, but now isn't that much fatness (31 BMI) put me in the first at risk class after the "really at risk" and first responders. ). I'd lie if I said I signed up - my wife signed me up and I went - I was ready to ditch masks and data supported the option. I have talked to more than enough to count all of my fingers who got themselves into the early class for the vaccine by claiming that they do things they don't do (stretching the definition of "teacher" or "daycare" for example to "I did that two years ago and could still do it if I wanted"). So for anyone who wants to get a boost, it seems like there's no repercussions - sign up and do it. They didn't ask me why I met the high risk class, either, and I went to a public setup and not just a drug store or doc's office. I could've lied about my weight and they'd have let me in. I wouldn't do that, but you get the point.

Back to the CDC - i suspect they probably felt at risk (and maybe old age individuals) showed a need for the booster, but not first responders and teachers (Based on actual data), and then the politicians intervened and changed the rules.

Here's the water out of the bathtub part - we got to see the inner workings of this. The rank and file folks did their jobs, and the politicians overruled. If you get too upset about the politicians overruling, we have to be realistic - the 18 individuals will be cooked to come to a conclusion beforehand, and I don't think that's better than seeing what actually happened).

Long story short also, though I made a big deal about the data not suggesting the boost being needed if you're actually trying to solve the problem (and there's still a big hole in public information - how are the people who had covid before faring, and how does it look if they never got vaxed, if they got covid and then were vaxed, and then the breakthroughs - how serious are their cases and what's the outcome since then - I'm sure there is data showing the answer to that).....take a breath....

though I made that point, there is no real indication that the booster is going to be that dangerous, and if it is, it will be known quickly (refer back to my comment about the unusual situation with an acquaintance whose pacemaker being set off was attributed by the hospital to the moderna booster....'s the kicker with that person, though. It was an unfortunate situation - having a cardiac event - but she also had a severe reaction to the second shot (not a cardiac event, but very ill from it).

I would rather have those "18" in place doing their job and then see them overruled than have them be planted so that they operate like political appointees, though. Far rather have that.

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