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1) From the medical perspective where the thing grew is critical to understanding the response. When they make these things in a lab, the gain of function thing can be achieved by exposing it to certain stimuli that cause it to develop in certain ways. And if it evolved naturally then it evolved in a natural environment. So for instance a thing that evolved in a cave, might be more fragile in sunlight. Whether this is the fastest way to get certain info, relative to just exposing the virus to sunlight is for scientists to judge. I do think that various assumptions that are being made about stuff like the safety for children, may be proceeding on poor evolutionary understanding. It is currently evolving in the environment, not knowing what the backstory is would seem an oversight.

(Latest news of a release of lab virus into bat caves just goes to show how weird the story may be)

2) If we don't know what the story is, we can't protect ourselves in the future. While there are various blame narratives out there, none of them are coherent The real story could be anything. What we do know is that the US banned the research, created exceptions, then outsourced it. Would it not be valuable to actually know what the gaping hole in all this was. For future reference.

3) I assume we do know what happened. That is always the hidden part in this kind of question. The should we look question covers the we already know reality.

4) One can't rule out the possibility that a COVID release was intentional without a story as to how it happened. This is the problem of not answering the question. If we could convincingly pinpoint this as a terrible accident, that would eliminate the belief it was intentional.

(People in China die every year from biological anthrax weapons released by the Japanese. UN also dropped anthrax on China during Korean war. And of course a lot of distinguished citizens can trace their ancestry back to the China Trade where chemical weapons were used against the Chinese. Today tens of thousands of people die every year in the US from Fentanyl that is manufactured in plain view. Fentanyl is/was under consideration for designation as a WMD. )

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