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John in NM
A can of Pore-O-Pac I got at Woodcraft years ago. Worked pretty good but as Bill says there is a learning curve. Basically what I did was work the stuff around the top using one of those Bondo spatulas you get at the auto parts store. Worked ok but I think it needed two applications with some drying in between - doing one I had the filler tend to pluck out as I passed over it with the spatula. I think I did that then sanded and that worked well. Second application might have reduced the need to sand, I don't know.

Next time I did one it was a gunstock, and it was going to be a pain to apply the goop and push it around with a spatula. So I bought some of that pumic for rubbing out a finish and used some gelled up Waterlox as the rubbing oil. That worked well but it did take a long time. If you're patient that one is very easy.

The second method might look better on oak, more subtle in color perhaps. But then if you are trying to match to black epoxy you should use a dark filler, naturally.

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