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Agree wholeheartedly! ()

David Weaver
...but at the outset, I thought their uncharacteristic somewhat emotional post (for them) was out of antiscientist sentiment frustration.

I'm a little less confident that the desire to poke a finger in their eye and ignore their entire body of other work (they even published study information in ivermectin) is done with the hope of finding answers vs. poking in eyes.

But poking in eyes is popular these days.

So they've posted "we're back to 'we don't really know'" and my personal sense in recognizing patterns of things over time is if the initial answer isn't apparent, quite often, later explanations aren't solid either. I'm pleased to see that they revised (publicly) what they said initially, but recognize the difference between them saying they don't know vs. someone else proving that their initial statement was errant.

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