Re: Finish question for Red OaK

William Duffield
I used to get good results with the oil based Por-O-Pac. It is basically ground silica (quartz) in a BLO binder and either with or without a powdered pigment. For black pores, you can use vegetable black, but for oak, I usually like a dark brown, e.g., burnt umber and VDB. I would add some mineral spirits (odorless) to thin it and carry it into the pores better, and apply it vigorously across the grain with the worst "beater" brush in the shop. When it starts to glaze over, rub it off, again vigorously across the grain, with the coarsest burlap or jute I could find. If you don't get it all off before it defeats the burlap, just reapply and rub off some more. If you work with the grain, you will just pull it out of the pores, and have to do it again.

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