Finish question for Red OaK

Barry Irby
I am building a table out of air dried Red Oak for my son. I just built and sold a white oak table. The differences are amazing. The white oak was hard and the pores were filled and non absorbent. The red oak has open pores and absorbs everything. (I knew all this but to see it first hand is still amazing.)

I am filling defects with black epoxy. A long crack that tapered form about a half inch to nothing got black epoxy and four butterflies.

The problem is the epoxy soaks into the pores. Everywhere. I am considering using some pore filler stained black to coat the rest of the top. Sort of like "pickling" but black instead of white. What sort of GOOP could I use with black pigment to fill the pores and tiny defects? It's an indoor table.

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