Wringing cost from the Trail bridges *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.

Shown is the post and rail attachment for the first bridge built. It features new 8 x 8 treated SYP UC4A timbers as replacement ties on 16" centers, a 4 x 6 post, a 1" structural steel (equivalent to Grade 5 bolt) through bolt and a 1" lag screws holding the post to a 1/2" thick angle bracket. 4 x 6 treated UC 4A SYP curbs, as well as the angle brackets are secured to the ties with 8 x 1/2" lag screws. I will deal with rails in a later post.

The ties sit on 26" wide by 16" deep "stringers" (think floor joists) which in turn sit on trestles.

As an opportunity for some to ponder this situation I will not discuss the changes we made till later. What would you do to remove cost and/or increase strength of this construction?

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