Why do we need to know ?
Response To:
Lancet flips on origin ()

I'm still skeptical of the need to know the origin. I don't see how knowing if it came by natural routes or was created in a lab can help us attack it. We wouldn't know more about the nature, transmissability, longevity or aggressiveness of the virus, now would it give us any additional information on how to treat or ward it off. If we can't identify a natural source, what more could be learned that we need to know ?

It seems to me, the only reason for wanting to know the origin is to point fingers if it turned out it was developed in a lab, from which it escaped, and was covered up by the Chinese. It would be unfathomable that the introduction of this germ to the public would have been done on purpose. That they didn't come forth immediately and admit their mistake, if that's what happened, could not be a surprise. Such behavior cannot be confined to only Chinese people, government or culture.

If it did come from unnatural sources, why do we need to pursue it ? It was a mistake. Let's just drop it. It doesn't further our goals to pursue it. Why stoke the animus ?

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