bitter orange
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John K Jordan
Perhaps rent an small excavator for a day. Last week I dug up some on my property when adding new access to one area. Dug them up by the roots. I'd do it in the fall or winter and treat any sprouts that might come up the next year or so.

I actually prefer to dig up and move the plants. They make a wonderful hedge on boundaries that is impenetrable to people and many animals. Also called Bitter Orange, the fruit can be used for a variety of things such as marmalade and potporri. However, since it is an invasive species eradicating it might be best.

You can ask at a farm store about which herbicide will work the best. Some herbicides like 2-4-d and it's more powerful cousins will kill only broad-leaf plants and not grass. Some, like Garlon will kill anything even moderate sized trees. Be careful with the wide-spectrum herbicides since since over-spray and runoff can kill more than you want and leave a large barren spot on the ground for 1/2 a year or more.


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