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Tom Dunlap
Tom Ness in Grant's Pass OR designed the Weed Wrench. Plenty of info via Google. Worth every penny! Get the tallest one available. It keeps you standing up and away from the lethal thorns.

The 'best' time for chemical uptake might be late spring just after the new growth has taken place and is started to harden off. But really the best or worst time is irrelevant. Working with thorny stuff is best done when its cool so you can wear thick 'body armor' type clothing. You'll be wearing chainsaw pants anyway so you've got that protection.

I just had an idea!

Could you go through and cut all of the stuff down, leave stumps or high cuts to keep your saw outof the dirt. Then get a bunch of other brush and burnable debris and torch the whole works during winter burn season? Could you burn the brush pile and maintain control? If there is snow cover it would help of course. Then wait and see what sprouts back in the spring. Get after the new growth with cutting tools and chemicals then. A talk with your DNR and fire department would answer some questions.

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