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Barry Irby
I thought I was going to have fifty or a hundred perhaps the size of your wrist, closer examination it appears there are few that large but hundreds an inch in diameter or smaller. I tried to cut one with lopping shears and gave up. I could have wrestled it had it not been for the thorns.

I don't have a likely sucker to help with this. I'm trying to figure out how to do it on the cheap and by myself. Cut with one hand and drench the stump with the other. Had not thought of the dye. Have used it before but it just did not occur to me this time. I was concerned about leaving low stumps. I like leaving them taller so they don't puncher tires or form a tripping hazard. And it keeps the saw out of the dirt. And easier to find if I need to tie onto them or get a forest mulcher. Next step is to plant it down in pines.

The land is about fifty miles away so I plan to take a battery or two and the cutter and poison. I will dial 91 on my cell so that if things go badly all I have to do is dial 1 and send.

Is fall a good time or should I wait for spring? What is the Wrench you mentioned?

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