My attack scheme

Tom Dunlap
NASTY looking!

I've cleared acres of buckthorn...spit! Sometimes yanking with my front end loader...sometimes, mostly, using a Weed Wrench.

Using a stick saw is a good approach. Don't use a strategy to go for a basal or even low stem cut on the first attack. When I took on buckthorn clearing I did it in layers. First, with chainsaws cutting off the branched parts or limbs if they are large. Maybe just whacking the whole top and leaving a single bare stem. No bending down and little to no physical contact.Having a hook on a 5-6' handle to stay out of thorn range.

YOu could use your stick saw for this too or a quality pole pruner pole saw.

Work on and leave the trunks for now.

If you're going to chain and yank them leave enough wood to choke.

A two person team would work through when its time to cut then poison the stumps. Add dye, you can use generic clothing dye or buy the dye from the ag store for the Garlon or glyphosate treatment. One person would work through with the saw and cut the woody part off and let it tip over. Then other would come right behind and apply the colored [red was my choice] herbicide and chuck/stack the woody cutoffs. Don't get to far apart or a stump will be missed.

We rarely had any re treatments using this system.

What is the diameter of the woody trunk portions of the plants? Single or clump stems?

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