Thorn bush questions OT

Barry Irby
I have a piece of property that has been neglected and has an invasive species on it. Poncirus Trifoliate Orange. Very thorny and hard to kill. At first I thought there might be a hundred, now I an concerned it might be more like a thousand.

There may not be any effective spray. My plan was to cut them off near the ground and coat the stump with some sort of poison.

The question is how to cut them? I tried a set of lopping shears and they are tough, very tough. How about some sort of little chainsaw on a stick? A brush cutter. I need to reach under them and cut the stem. These are bitter oranges. I may cut them and treat the stumps and leave the debris behind to rot. Those thorns are vicious. 2 to 3" long and very sharp. People claim they will puncture a tractor tire.

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