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Henry (Raleigh NC)
Bill wrote: "Why would anyone buy lamps to install in a fluorescent fixture they are not designed for? An overhead LED shop light, for example, is a combination of LED lamps and a mounting fixture to capture and direct light down. It all works together.

I can't imagine there is any savings in salvaging the fluorescent fixture to mount the LEDs into, with the whole LED fixture and lamps $20 or less. So why do it? " (emphasis mine)

Why do it? I am part of team that voluntarily maintains as 1950's era building - with asbestos containing ceilings. We have likely about 250 ceiling fixtures that were fluorescent bulbs. We can and have updated many to LEDs for the cost of the bulbs (and volunteer labor); we remove the old (sometimes leaky) ballasts, and get better lighting - all without removing a fixture or disturbing the ceiling. I believe we need a permit to do any work that disturbs the ceiling work - or else we remediate the asbestos!!!

Specialty situation I know, but fluorescent-to-LED bulb conversions are way cheaper than the alternatives here.


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