Lamiation failure? Plexiglas?
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How about hide glue? ()

John K Jordan
>>>Personally I've not had good luck with modern laminating products over the long term. Whatever the glue is it seems to fail after a few years. Perhaps its the climate here.

Are you using the clear adhesive-backed laminating sheets or the thermal laminating sheets?

I haven't been happy with the adhesive sheets but the other has worked well. I seal in oversized "pouches" then trim to leave a border at least 1/8" around the three edges that are heat bonded.

I've carried small things (like my tax exemption certificate) in my wallet for years with no visible problems and have laminated dozens of letter-sized sheets that are like new after a decade. I use an inexpensive Scotch laminating machine.

Of course our climate is significantly more humid than yours, if that makes a difference.

As for the drawing under a plastic sheet in the bottom of the drawer, the only concern I have is in the event someone bumped a cup of coffee into the open drawer and it seeped under the plastic. Of course, this is unlikely, but hey. Thermal laminating plus plastic cover should protect against this, as would cutting the plastic sheet to fit the drawer bottom and sealing around the edges. Glass could be classier than plexiglas.


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