Pallet Rake = bad Proof Reading

Barry Irby
The English words for what I was trying to say are Pallet Rack.

I have one bay of pallet racking that is 10' long and 4' wide with metal mesh for selves. Unfortunately I do not have a building to put it in, so it is outdoors with a tarp over it. It's a thin tarp and after a while it weathers and you can hold it up to the sun and see tiny holes in it. It works well enough except in this case I think the end of the board was in contact with it and the water wicked through as it ran down from the top. The board was about five feet long and I tried to store it crosswise, poking out the front and back about six inches. It helped the rest of the wood by holding the tarp out but took a beating. It's about to become a rocking horse and is drying in the green house at the moment.

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